The beautifully thriving city of Petaling Jaya, also known as PJ is situated in the Petaling district Selangor. Over the time this city has evolved as one of the well-planned cities of Malaysia. Started off as a small wholesome town which was founded only in the year 1954, today Petaling Jaya has become more than a mere small town.

The city has blossomed into one of the most vital, prosperous as well as metropolitan cities in the entire Malaysia. This city is considered to be unique as it happens to be the very first well planned town of Malaysia having a total population of around 500,000 inhabitants. At the same time, the city also happens to be the neighboring twin sister of Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. Over the time, Petaling Jaya has become a blooming city of Malaysia and today it consists of everything in terms of property – business properties, residential properties as well as commercial areas – and everything else that any person would possibly need and want.

Because of Petaling Jaya’s proximity to the capital city Kuala Lumpur, which is situated at a mere distance of 30-50 minutes via a car journey, the streets of the city often remain lively with the expats, locals as well as visitors. The city is also considered to be a melting point of cultures, the people, their living, and working as well as entire lifestyle. In terms of properties, the city is surrounded by a good ambit of residential, commercial as well as business properties. The commercial properties in Petaling Jaya embrace a number of modern shopping malls as well as ethnic eateries, all of which attract the tourists and the visitors to their heart’s content. Petaling Jaya is also known to be a paradise for all the bargain hunters, devoted shoppers as well as eager gastronomes. Petaling Jaya is the perfect medium in between the rural and urban culture – the properties and real estate of the city justifies the very same.

Real estate in the city:

Prior to experiencing a full-fledged commercial boom, there were only a little number of developments in the city. Most number of apartments as well as terraced houses were priced somewhere in between low to medium. By the year 2005, various plush condominiums, elegant semi-detached houses as well as bungalows became a very common affair in the city. Today, Petaling Jaya happens to be a home to some of the most amazing and high-rated properties of Malaysia. The most elite properties in the city are located in the areas like Kelana Jaya and Bukit Gasing. All kinds of newest properties in the city are located in Tropicana and Ara Damansara respectively. Living in the city is considered to be more expensive than living in the suburbs. However, the accommodation and the rates of the properties are inexpensive if the same is compared with other countries.

The entire real estate scenario of the city is booming with each passing day! Being a resident or a property owner in Petaling Jaya, you certainly get the worth of your own money.