If you are visiting the beautiful Petaling Jaya anytime sooner, the city is going to take you to a fun-filled shopping experience. The city has become very popular for shopping and there are more than 12 major malls within the retail landscape of Petaling Jaya.

The city embraces itself with some of the most amazing shopping malls that have a lot to offer to the shoppers of all sorts. Inside the shopping malls are the luxurious stores, different brands, amazing shops, eating joints and much more than any shopaholic would ever ask for. Below listed are some of the most amazing shopping malls of Petaling Jaya that are going to take your shopping experience to an awesome next level.

  1. Utama Shopping Mall:

This shopping center is one of the most popular spots of Klang Valley and is considered as one of the best malls of the city. The mall is located at about a distance of 30 minutes from the KL city and has a lot to offer to the shoppers. There are more than 650 stores within the mall itself, which also include a number of entertainment outlets as well as a variety of restaurants. The famous Utama Shopping Mall is spread across five million square feet and is locally addressed as 1U. This mall is further divided into two wings – the old wing and the new wing. Overall, the mall is really impressive as it has a number of things to offer to all the visitors.

  1. Amcorp Mall:

Another fancy shopping mall that the city embraces is the famous Amcorp Mall which is situated near an A&W fast-food outlet on the famous Persiaran Barat, right off the Jalan Timur. This mall is considered to be one of the most popular shopping malls of the city and it has its very own legions of loyal and regular patrons who look forward to visiting here for all kinds of sizeable offerings that this mall has to offer. There are a number of shops located here where a person can come across all kinds of products of necessity and luxury. This mall has a lot to offer to all its patrons during the weekends, as the entire ground floor of the mall comes to life with a flea market which is one of the most talked-about affair throughout the country.

  1. Ikea and Ikano Power Centre:

Ikea or Ikano Power Centre, also known as IPC is yet another popular shopping mall within the city of Petaling Jaya. This one is a Swedish furniture superstore which has become a popular fixture in the shopping scenario of the city. During the weekends, this shopping mall gets fully crowded with a massive crowd and one has to literally wait in line for a period of 20 minutes when buying anything. This place is certainly one of the best places where you can buy a great deal of value household merchandise, fashionable furniture and everything else including lighting fixtures, sofas and many more.

  1. Pasar Malam:

If there is one thing that is the most talked-about shopping experience within the whole city of Petaling Jaya, it is the Pasar Malam or the Night Markets of Petaling Jaya which are worth visiting and knowing about. Opening from the late afternoon to late at night, the night markets of Petaling Jaya always remain the talk of the town. They are always abuzz with a lot of activities and this is what makes this night market a lively affair. Pasar Malam is the same place where you get to explore the local culture of the city and indulge in its real beauty. The markets of the night certainly become a delight to all your visual senses. You can find a huge selection of goods within these markets – from amazing food to recent gadgets and clothing, this place has a lot of offer.

  1. Paradigm Mall:

The Paradigm Mall is a recent suburban mall within the city of Petaling Jaya that comprises of more than 100 fashion store. This mall is not just about a happy shopping experience, but it has a lot of offerings for all the visitors. There is a nine-screen movie theatre, games arcade, gym as well as more than 50 restaurants. The layout of this mall is very much similar to the malls located in the Golden Triangle area of the city. Paradigm Mall is surely going to keep you happy whenever it comes to shopping. This is because it has got a lot of brands to offer – Dorothy Perkins and Springfield, Kitschen, Syarakim, Nichii, Tangoo and much more. There are a number of indoor activities happening in this mall which make it unique and popular.

  1. Subang Parade:

Subang Parade is one of the longest shopping malls located within the country and it is also considered to be a pride of the Subang Jaya and USJ districts in Malaysia. There are more than 160 retail shops located here that together offer all kinds of goods and services – from fancy apparels to some of the most high-end restaurants. This place is not just popular among the locals, but is also famous among all the tourists and visitors from different states and countries. The place is also a spot for some of the most exciting events that keep on happening during the school holidays and festive seasons.

  1. Sunway Pyramid:

Sunway Pyramid is one impressively-themed shopping centre which is located in the Klag Valley in Petaling Jaya. This one is the only mall in the country that has an ice skating rink and hence this factor makes it all the more popular among the locals as well as tourists. This one is a distinctively constructed shopping mall which is one of the largest shopping centers within the country. This mall may look quirky, however it is among the most elaborate shopping malls within the country. The beautiful Egyptian-inspired giant sphinx standing at the very entrance is the center of attraction of this mall.

Next time you are touring the beautiful city of Petaling Jaya, don’t forget to visit these shopping malls to have a happy shopping experience.