Petaling Jaya is all about a good vacation, indulging into a good shopping experience as well as gorging on some of the most delicious delicacies from throughout the world. Whenever it comes to different kinds of cuisines and food choices, Petaling Jaya has a lot of offerings for all the locals as well as visitors. There are a number of restaurants in Petaling Jaya which offer a variety of cuisines to all the guests and visitors.

Quirky cafes, uniquely designed restaurants altogether make Petaling Jaya a happy place to be in if you are wanting to relish on a variety of good food. Below listed are the top restaurants in Petaling Jaya that offer the best dishes to gorge on.

  1. Kanna Curry House:

Petaling Jaya is known to be a home to a number of restaurants which specialize in north as well as south Indian cuisines. The best one of them is the amazing Kanna Curry House that has a lot of offerings to all the food lovers. This café is spread across three different shops which are later divided into glass-enclosed areas along with section and ceiling fans and a good air conditioning system. The place is a home to a number of relishing south Indian meals and hence serves as a perfect destination to tempt all your cravings for a good breakfast. The dishes like fluffy white rice, thick sour yoghurt, etc. surely make a satisfying meal choice for the visitors at this café.

  1. Bali & Spice Kuala Lumpur:

This café offers a wide range of some of the most contemporary cuisine from Bali, some signature cocktails, amazing coffees as well as desserts – all of which could be availed at very nominal prices. This café is located in the USJ Mall and it happens to be a modern Balinese restaurant which has been renowned lately for its amazing services that anybody would ever want to enjoy. The entire café is fitted with a furnishing of wood and steel and there are monochromatic portraits to add to the existing decoration. This place is divided into semi al fresco as well as indoor dining section. You can surely have a good time relishing on good food here at this place.

  1. Myburgerlab:

This particular restaurant in Petaling Jaya is a place that specializes in the art of making some of the most delectable burgers. This is a paradise for all the foodies who hunt for lipsmacking burgers. This place is an award-winning restaurant which came into establishment in the year 2012 and ever since then it has been attracting all the food lovers over its tempting servings of burgers. Not only does this place serve as a good spot for all the lovers of burger, this place is also a paradise for all the urban drinkers. The entire setting of this café is intriguing and sophisticated.

  1. Strangers at 47 Café:

Another amazing place where you can hang out with your friends and family and relish upon a good variety of food is the Strangers at 47 Café. This is surely a charming place that has been set amongst an elaborate stretch of the home-grown eateries in a silent neighborhood of Kuala Lumpur. This café offers a lot to all the visitors, from the staple offerings of fruit juices, cakes, coffees, tea and many others to some of the most amazing recipes that fill your heart and tummy with all the satisfaction. Another amazing thing about this café is the beautiful interiors design which comprises of bare cement walls, tiny potted flowers, hanging light bulbs and the most amazing setting of comfortable wooden tables, benches as well as chairs. At the same time, this café also exudes a plain and rustic caricatures painted on the massive wall space area. This café is surely a must visit café if you are an admirer or both, good food as well as good interiors and beautiful settings.

  1. Village Park:

There are a number of restaurants and cafes that offer a variety of great food to all the locals and visitors including the local Malaysian dishes, however if the regard of the latter is taken into consideration, Village Park is the best place to hang out at. This place serves the unofficial national dish of Malaysia, nasi lemak at the best and this is what makes the Village Park a popular choice among all the locals as well as food lovers. The recipes here are very classic having the core parts of the ingredients like peanuts, chilli paste, rice, coconuts, etc. served in every dish. The side servings that this café offers are delicious as well. Apart from the traditional nasi lemak, the Village Park is also fond of serving some other delicious local dishes of Malaysia such as rending ayam, assam laksa and many others. This place is a very clandestine location in the area of Damansara which altogether serves as a beautiful lunch spot for all the food lovers.

  1. Red Kettle Restaurant:

The amazing Red Kettle Restaurant of Petaling Jaya is very famous for its offerings of fusion-style comfort foods like pizzas, pancakes, pastas, burgers and a variety of different rice bowls. This place is set on the first floor of the famous Starling Mall and it is a popular spot for all kinds of food lovers who come here to relish upon the taste of multiple offerings of food that this restaurant has to offer. The interiors of this restaurant are impressive as there are large marbled and wooden tables, beautifully potted plants and floor-to-ceiling windows which overlook the mighty Damansara Utama. The food varieties that this restaurant offer are multiple. You can choose from a wide variety of cuisines and enjoy feasting them till your heart’s content.

Restaurants within the city of Petaling Jaya never fail to impress the food lovers as they have got a lot to offer. Thus, next time you are enjoying in the streets of Petaling Jaya, don’t forget to run into these restaurants to satisfy your pangs of hunger.